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At Don Miguel Juicery + Rustic Kitchen we not only care about the quality of food we serve but that it makes you feel good as well! Healthy food is delicious and our Baja Coastal menu provides a variety of flavors that will make you feel good from the inside out. We strive to use organic and locally sourced ingredients when possible. You are what you eat. Eat Don Miguel Juicery + Rustic Kitchen.


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They say


It's a Family Thing

California natives Miguel and Jaclyn Martinez are passionate about fresh healthy food. Their journey started in 2011 opening a healthy eatery in Downtown San Diego and has developed into a successful Nashville based food truck. The couple has always adhered to their principle concept of fresh food fast and seek to nourish the bodies of Music City with delicious healthy food (Baja Coastal style of course)! The black truck can be found all over the streets of Nashville. 





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